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Safe and Secure 247 can advise on the choosing and installing of CCTV systems.


Today we installed a CCTV system for commercial customer who chose to add an extra layer of protection to their physical building security.   

All of our systems are bespoke and designed taking into account the design of the building and the customer’s specific wishes and budget.   The CCTV world is awash with choices and we help to simplify the choices for customers to get the best system they can that meets their needs and budget.

Our CCTV and Alarm systems are equally suited to domestic and commercial customers

There are a number of options to consider around, most suitable CCTV format, i.e., analogue, high definition analogue or IP.  There are different camera types to consider with various lens types and infra Red night vision intensity.

All of our systems enable live remote viewing on mobile devices and tablets from anywhere in the world (subject to internet access through 3G, 4G or wifi)

If you are considering enhancing your security by adding CCTV, an alarm system, or newer modern stronger locks or additional security give us a call or browse our websites for more information.   And http//

Security Systems Free Reports

We are now offering free reports about security systems for homes and business.   We aim to help the home and business owner make the right decision about choosing and installing the right security systems for them.

Whether you are thinking of a basic burglar alarm for you house, or a fully featured internet linked CCTV camera system for your business,  it pays to plan and choose the right solution.

Security Systems Advice

Safe and Secure 247 pride themselves on providing professional and impartial security systems advice.  Our founder is an ex serving police officer and has background and experience of how security can be compromised.  This is an essential ingredient in how we can help local customers achieve real security for themselves, their families and their business investment.

Remember feeling secure is a state of mind and in many cases unfortunately that feeling is misplaced.  Just owning a burglar alarm or having CCTV cameras on the front of your building may not provide the guarantees you are probably looking for.

Confidence in your Security Systems

By just following some basic but tried and tested advice you can achieve a good level of confidence in your security, and confidence that is backed up the actual performance of the systems you are using.

Please feel free to request any of our reports from our page here – Security Systems Free Reports

CCTV Doesn’t Have to be Obtrusive

Most people want CCTV installations on their house or business to be as unobtrusive as possible;  Clearly it is possible to fit larger more obvious cameras which are preferred in certain circumstances, however most domestic installations require something a little more subtle.  We go to great lengths to hide cable runs and will fully discuss your options ahead of installation.  Some pictures of one of our latest installations on a domestic property demonstrate how unobtrusive a CCTV system can be even on a period property when carefully installed.

CCTV can be supplied in kit form for self-installation, we also provide a full installation service.  The example shown can be viewed live on most mobile phones and computers when networked.

It is not as expensive as you think, feel free to call us for further information.