Monday 22nd January

This morning we attended an address in Guilsfield, Powys where a lady had inadvertently locked herself out of her house as the door had blown shut.

We were able to gain entry for her without causing any damage to the lock.  We lubricated the lock and tightened the cylinder whilst we were there and cut some spare keys for that and the other locks on the house.

If you have the type of door locking mechanism that can leave you locked out if the door blows shut, we can easily change this for you to a type where you need to lock the door after it closes.

Also if you have this type of lock and that is the only lock you use, you may not comply with your insurer’s minimum standards, who could refuse to pay out in the event of a burglary. If you are in any doubt we will always happily provide free advice.

We have security surveys booked for CCTV and alarm quotes in Newtown, powys and another booked lock change due to old worn out locks also in Newtown, Powys.


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