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Alarming an Outdoor Area


Over the past few years we have tried alarming outdoor areas with a number of different types of alarm and alert system.  Many of these were inexpensive and the main problem was always far too many false alarms particularly at dawn when the birds became active.

Over the past month we have been trialling this new system which offers a whole new level of reliability if properly installed.


This particular detector is an outdoor PIR detector packed with tech to help minimise false alarms, this one also has a camera that when it detects movement, takes a short video burst of whatever activated it which can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via its accompanying app.

The detector above is a slightly cheaper version of the first one, it has identical tech but just doesn’t have a camera.

In the month we have been putting this system through its paces, it hasn’t given a single false alarm but has reliably detected each test scenario we put it through.

These detectors don’t require a power source as they have a long life battery, they are tamper resistant and will detect and notify all forms of physical tampering including attempts to mask them.

These detectors can be included as part of our bespoke comprehensive internal alarm system as additional detours on the system covering the interior of your premises or they can be installed as a standalone independent outdoor system.

These are ideal for external parts of commercial premises, such as garden centres, secured car parks or to protect particular valuable assets outside any domestic or commercial premises such as overnight protection of your vehicles.  They are also ideally suited to outbuildings where they should minimise false alarms caused by animals.

We can also add magnetic sensors for external doors or gates into these systems.


Detections can be handled in a number of flexible ways, the system can dial up to four mobile or landline numbers via traditional phone line or mobile GSM network of your choice.  It can be linked to professional 24 hour alarm monitoring services (currently offered free for the first year).  If connected via a broadband router, it can also be monitored and controlled and send notifications via an app on our phone or tablet.

For more information give us a call or visit our website at www.alarms.safeandsecure247.co.uk

Have a look also at the alarms page of our main website www.safeandsecure247.co.uk

Another Customer Feeling Reassured

External Siren

Don’t wait until you have been a victim of burglary!

Todays customer in Baschurch just north of Shrewsbury is feeling reassured and is now less likely to become the victim of burglary than they were yesterday.

They can check this alarm system on their phone app even arm and disarm it from anywhere in the world. 

This system is monitored meaning that in the event of an activation 365 days a year, 24/7 a professional will deal with the activation on the owners behalf ensuring the correct response to the alarm activation.

It’s also possible to add safety detectors such as smoke, heat, Co2 etc so that issues such as smoke will be caught and responded to at the earliest opportunity in the owner’s absence.  

Clearly far better than standard smoke detectors that in your absence rely on someone hearing them and calling emergency services.

Whether you are considering installing the smallest domestic system through to large commercial systems, we can help. Give us a call or visit http://alarms.safeandsecure247.co.uk/

We are situated in Berriew, ideal for Newtown, Welshpool, Shrewsbury, North Powys and Shropshire.

Make Your Home Less Vulnerable to Burglary

Burglar Image

Traditionally, burglary tends to increase as the dark evenings come upon us so as the clocks have recently gone back and as it’s coming to the end of Home Security Month, we thought it a good time to offer you advice on a few simple steps you can take to make your home less vulnerable to burglary.

Security is like many things in life, you tend to get what you are prepared to pay for and sometimes cheap security offers little or no security or may let you down in some way just when it is needed, however with a little knowledge you needn’t pay the earth and most expensive is not always best.

The vast majority of residential burglaries are opportunist, what we mean by that is that with minimal planning, a burglar will walk or drive along any random street and look at the houses. Their aim is to get in and out as quickly and quietly as possible without being seen or heard and therefore minimise the chance of being caught red handed.  Mostly they will tend to be attracted to what they consider to be the “softer” targets.

Every little thing that you add that will cause a burglar to make more noise, take more time or be more visual getting in will put them off. The chances are that if you have sufficient security they will in all likelihood burgle a house nearby that presents them less of a challenge.

  • Consider the perimeter of your property and the approach, do you shut/lock access gates.
  • Preventing unwanted visitors entering your property is what you  need to achieve, but nobody wants their home looking like a prison surrounded by high walls and barbed wire, and that is not necessary.
  • Mother nature provides an environmentally friendly, attractive and particularly effective alternative – the prickly bush, these can be extremely effective when planted around perimeter areas. Don’t go for height particularly at the front as this could hide unwanted visitors on your property from sight.  A high hedge can be great for an opportunist theft as they are confident of not being seen while they are up to no good.
  • There are many forms of driveway alert that sound in the house when someone enters your drive these start from as little as £30.
  • Consider motion sensitive outdoor lighting. During the hours of darkness lighting is not only be a comfort factor for the occupant, it is an excellent deterrent for would be opportunist burglars who clearly do not want to be seen.  Be sure to fit them out of reach so they cannot be tampered with and if they are bright halogen or cost saving LED lights, not pointing directly at neighbours houses so as to cause a nuisance.
  • Many of the more “professional” burglars don’t carry obvious tools on them for gaining entry incase they are stopped by police, instead they rely on their target victim(s) leaving them out. Ensure your garden is tidy, that ladders and tools that may be used to gain entry are locked away.
  • Ensure your sheds and outbuildings are properly secured (both windows and doors) using the best quality locks that you can afford and consider lighting around these areas and a shed alarm. (basic shed alarms start at around £20)
  • Secure any particularly valuable items within your shed or outbuilding with padlocks and chains to ground or wall anchors. If you install high quality security it would necessitate a thief having to use a noisy angle grinder rather than relatively silent bolt croppers.
  • Consider locking other smaller valuable tools items such as chainsaws etc to the same ground or wall anchors at least locking lots of items together to make them very difficult to move.
  • We have already mentioned outdoor motion detector lights and the same applies around the house itself.
  • Always read you insurance company’s minimum requirements for security (Usually they will require at least 5 lever British Standard lock or equivalent on the final exit point for example) and similar locks or additional locking bolts on all other external doors plus key operated window lacks on all windows accessible from the ground floor.  IF YOU DON’T COMPLY WITH THESE REQUIREMENTS, THEY MAY NOT PAY OUT IN THE EVENT OF BURGLARY, NO MATTER HOW THEY BROKE IN.
  • There are a vast range of locks and additional security for doors and windows on the market, your local reputable locksmith is the best point of advice on upgrading your locks and additional security.
  • Once you have good quality locks on doors and windows make sure you lock them when you are out, at night and when you are in the garden in the summer.
  • If you leave windows open at night in the summer, consider fitting security restraints to prevent them from opening wide enough to climb through.
  • You may also not be aware that if someone enters your house using a key, most insurers will not pay out. It is always sound advice to change the locks when you move house so you can account for all of the keys.

Hear are a few more tips

  • Don’t leave valuables on display through windows or advertise them with social media photographs.
  • Beware of what you put on social media when you are away from home, it could be as simple as commenting on a picture of your animals at kennels which demonstrates you are away from home.
  • Install a safe for your valuables; Everybody has items that they would be devastated if they were stolen or destroyed in a fire.
  • Install a burglar alarm; If you already have an alarm, make sure you use it, It is not an ornament, and is only fully effective if properly serviced and always used.
  • Install CCTV cameras; If you have them, ensure they are regularly serviced, that your DVR is recording and that the time is accurate and changed with British Summer Time.
  • Security Grilles or mesh can add an extra layer of protection for windows and doors;
  • Holiday tips will be subject to a separate blog.
  • Consider UV marking or DNA based marking systems to mark your property which may increase the chances of you getting it back in the worst case scenario.
  • Photograph and catalogue valuable items and keep receipts in a safe place.

REMEMBER:  There is no such thing as 100% security but, every little thing that you add that will cause a burglar to make more noise, take more time or be more visual getting in will put them off. The chances are that if you have sufficient security they will in all likelihood burgle a house nearby that presents them less of a challenge.

If you want to deter a burglar you need to think like a burglar. A burglar wants to enter your building as quickly and quietly as possible and easily remove tools and other items, place them in their vehicle and leave without being caught.

Just incase the worst does happen despite your best efforts, check that you have sufficient insurance cover for your house, sheds and outbuildings and that tools and equipment of significant value is covered.

Ensure you comply with your insurers minimum requirements, such as locking ATVs to ground anchors as otherwise your insurance may not pay out.

Make a note of the serial numbers of valuable tools and equipment, Mark them in someway either with a property marketing solution or by putting your postcode in a way that cannot be easily removed.

If you would like help or guidance regarding the security of your home then please do not hesitate to call Safe and Secure 24/7 Locksmiths and Security on 01686 640 869 or Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for more security tips, or subscribe to our RSS feed for regular blog updates.

Safe and Secure 24/7 Locksmiths and Security are based in between Welshpool and Newtown in Powys and we cover,  Mid- Wales and Shropshire.  We are local Locksmiths, we can give expert security advice and undertake security upgrades and Alarm and CCTV installations.  Give us a call today for a friendly chat.

We are happy to undertake a security review for you or quote for upgrades, alarm systems, safes, CCTV etc.




Lock Snapping Fact or Hype?

LOCK SNAPPING, is it Fact or Hype?

We are aware that lock cylinder snapping has become an issue within the areas we cover over the last couple of months when it never used to be a real issue locally so we have reviewed this blog for anyone that may be concerned.

Please be assured that we never seek to scaremonger for the sake of making sales, this blog is intended to just present the facts to enable you to make better informed decisions.

There has been lots of media attention about lock snapping over recent months, is it fact or mere hype?  I have decided to try and set out the facts and give some advice to those who may be vulnerable.

Typical euro profile cylinder
Typical euro profile cylinder


This in the main applies to euro profile cylinders as shown.  These are usually found on UPVC and composite doors although can be used in mortice locks on timber doors.



The original design of these cylinders means that most of them have an inherent weakness enabling the possibility of them being quickly snapped and pulled out of your door. This enables enables a burglar to open the door in very short time.  In my experience,  the vast majority of doors locally are fitted with the most basic types of cylinder which can be vulnerable.

In order to snap a cylinder, a potential burglar has to be able to grip the cylinder end with an implement or tool, so if your cylinder is protruding beyond a few millimeters,  it could be vulnerable,  the best fitted cylinder will always be flush (or within a couple of mm) with the external handle face plate.

If your cylinder is flush or as near as damn it to the face plate that is a good start and makes life a little more difficult for the potential burglar, however you are not out of the woods because many handle sets can be easily broken of the door, exposing your cylinder and making it easy to snap.


We stock, a range of  anti-snap cylinders.  If anyone attempts to snap these cylinders they will snap at a sacrificial  point making unauthorised entry extremely difficult for anyone other than a trained locksmith.

When you return to the property with a key however, you will be still be able to open the door easily with your key.


As I have highlighted there are two potential areas of weakness, the cylinder itself and the handle set.  I would always advise that to get the best advice you ought to consult your local locksmith as this is a developing area with many new products coming onto the market.

A good locksmith can also offer other services that you cannot achieve elsewhere for example if you are going to upgrade your lock cylinders anyway wouldn’t it be good to have just 1 key to fit all of your locks rather than a big bunch? If you are a landlord, bed and breakfast or other establishment that temporarily give out keys, you could have patented restricted profile cylinders and padlocks that prevent the person to whom you have issued a key from getting a copy cut meaning you have much better security control.

Fell free to visit our Safe and Secure 24/7 Website for more information and see what our customers say


Additional Features our Alarm Systems Can Offer

There are a number of additional features to our alarm systems that we’ll highlight over a couple of blogs.

If you have taken the trouble to fit smoke detectors in your house or commercial premises, thats excellent.  I have a number throughout my house wired to the mains and all connected together, great you might think.

What happens though if they are activated when you are out or away on holiday and they are not wired to a fire alarm system? Well I guess it has to be no option but fingers crossed that a neighbour might check out your premises if they happen to be around and if they have done that, hopefully would then call emergency services if they smell smoke.

If you have one of our alarm systems however and add compatible smoke detectors the outcome in the event of activation is very different:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 08.37.59

Depending how the system is set up, either you will know instantly via your mobile phone that one or more has activated allowing you to take immediate action, or if you invest a small amount in professional 24/7 monitoring services, they will be instantly notified and the fire service called.

Similarly in the case of Flood, Temperature fluctuation high or low, natural gas, carbon monoxide etc.

Our alarm systems are adaptable and not just excellent intruder alarm,  they offer complete protection. There is no longer any need to leave the protection of you home, commercial premises or other building to chance.

We regularly fit alarm systems throughout, Powys. Mid-Wales, Shrewsbury and Shropshire, give us a call any time to discuss a system to meet your needs or visit our website at



Adaptable Burglar Alarm Systems

Our favoured burglar/ intruder alarm systems are fully adaptable to meet your domestic or commercial security or other needs.

For example recently we installed an intruder alarm in Newtown, Powys where the owner of the house wanted the alarm to be fully operational at night but wanted to be able to get up and use the house normally without turning the alarm off or triggering it.

We achieved this with a combination of intruder detectors including the use of curtain PIRs which have a narrow band detection area meaning that doors and windows, loft hatches etc can be fully protected and alarmed whilst people are able to still use the premises.

More details can be found on our website at: http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk/wireless-alarms-cctv.html

You can call us anytime to chat through your security or other needs and I’m confident we can design a quality reliable system to meet your specific needs and requirements,

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 08.57.47  Curtain PIR

Crimestoppers Burglary Advice

Burglary can affect victims in a number of ways; not only do they lose items of value, some of which are personal or irreplaceable, but the emotional shock of having your property invaded can be deeply upsetting. Read Crimestoppers our advice to help keep your property safe: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/keeping-safe/burglary/

It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since our last blog but we are back!  Blogging is one of those things that you are never sure if anyone actually reads it and finds it useful or whether it just attracts all the really annoying spam.

Anyway, our blog is back in business, if anyone does read it and has a locksmith or security related topic you’d like us to blog about, then please contact us and let us know.


New Generation Visonic PowerG Range of Alarm Systems

We are now installing the new generation Visonic PowerG range of alarm systems which laughably is one of the best wireless systems currently on the market

These are suitable for domestic and commercial applications and come with a vast range of optional wireless detectors in addition to the extensive intruder options such as smoke, gas, Carbon monoxide, temperature high or low, flood.

For gadgety people, there is a neat LCD arming station option enabling users to swipe in and out with prox tags as well as oversea the system.

This system can include silent alerts and non alarm chimes (driveway alert etc)

There are also outdoor and outbuilding suitable detectors.

There is an option of 365 24/7 professional monitoring otherwise the system can phone or text up to 4 numbers.

For more details call us for a chat or drop us an email.


LED Security & General Lighting and Bulbs

We are now able to supply a range of LED Security and general lighting options and bulbs.

This security light replaces one of our old 500 watt halogen units and is just 50 watt that saves 10x the electricity costs.


Last week, we replaced a number of domestic bulbs making a huge electricity saving as follows:

Kitchen:  800 watts to 64 watts
Landing:  820 watts to 56 watts
Bedrooms / Bathrooms:  210 watts to 12 watts
Garden Floodlights:  500 watts to 50 watts each

Please see the PDF below which shows the whole range, these can be supplied mail order anywhere in the UK, alternatively we offer an instalation service in Shropshire and Mid-Wales