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Today we installed a CCTV system for commercial customer who chose to add an extra layer of protection to their physical building security.   

All of our systems are bespoke and designed taking into account the design of the building and the customer’s specific wishes and budget.   The CCTV world is awash with choices and we help to simplify the choices for customers to get the best system they can that meets their needs and budget.

Our CCTV and Alarm systems are equally suited to domestic and commercial customers

There are a number of options to consider around, most suitable CCTV format, i.e., analogue, high definition analogue or IP.  There are different camera types to consider with various lens types and infra Red night vision intensity.

All of our systems enable live remote viewing on mobile devices and tablets from anywhere in the world (subject to internet access through 3G, 4G or wifi)

If you are considering enhancing your security by adding CCTV, an alarm system, or newer modern stronger locks or additional security give us a call or browse our websites for more information.

http://Www.safeandsecure247.co.uk   And http//:alarms.safeandsecure247.co.uk

Adaptable Burglar Alarm Systems

Our favoured burglar/ intruder alarm systems are fully adaptable to meet your domestic or commercial security or other needs.

For example recently we installed an intruder alarm in Newtown, Powys where the owner of the house wanted the alarm to be fully operational at night but wanted to be able to get up and use the house normally without turning the alarm off or triggering it.

We achieved this with a combination of intruder detectors including the use of curtain PIRs which have a narrow band detection area meaning that doors and windows, loft hatches etc can be fully protected and alarmed whilst people are able to still use the premises.

More details can be found on our website at: http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk/wireless-alarms-cctv.html

You can call us anytime to chat through your security or other needs and I’m confident we can design a quality reliable system to meet your specific needs and requirements,

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 08.57.47  Curtain PIR

What makes us different?

What makes us Different from many other Locksmith and Security Companies 

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1. Darrell the owner is a retired police officer with over 30 years experience in preventing and reducing crime.

What makes us different from many other locksmith and security companies?   Many companies offer security advice and surveys but what qualifications has the person undertaking the survey?  Darrell from Safe and Secure 24/7 Locksmiths & Security has overseen literally tens of thousands of crime investigations from shoplifting through to homicide and has vast experience in crime and harm reduction. Darrell knows how criminals think and what might make your commercial or domestic property vulnerable. You also know you can have total trust in us knowing that your confidentiality will remain as such.

2. We are a truly local business 

We are passionate about providing a service that you will be totally happy with and recommend us to your friends and colleagues alike; if you are not entirely happy then neither are we.

There are many companies that appear to be local they may even have local phone numbers but BEWARE THEY MAY NOT BE and some of their prices can be considerably more than double that of a local company.  Just last week one of our customers was locked out just before midnight, they were quoted £450 plus VAT.  Our charge on this occasion was £95  and NO VAT PAYABLE

Always ask as many questions as you need to, to establish whether a company is local and don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about cost.

3.  No VAT Payable

We are a genuine small family run local company, we do not charge VAT

4. We are not tied to any supplier 

Our advice is totally unbiased and we are able to supply any type of lock, CCTV, alarm or other security device. There may be good reason for preferring a particular product but we will always happily explain fully why this is so.

5. We will always explain what we are doing and why

We won’t just turn up and drill your lock with no explanation.  If you are locked out, we will always try a range of non-destructive techniques.

We will always provide you a range of choices, and we will fully explain each step together with any advantages disadvantages including costs.


We will work with you to resolve those problems or give you confidence in your domestic or commercial security and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.


We will attend 24/7, get you in if necessary and resolve the problem.


We will undertake a survey discuss your needs and design a system that you can have confidence in, our systems span all price ranges from self-install through to complete installation or something in between.

For a fast friendly and reliable service give us a call on 01686 640 869,  email via the contact form at: – http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk/contacts

Or Visit the website at http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk