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Lock Snapping Fact or Hype?

LOCK SNAPPING, is it Fact or Hype?

We are aware that lock cylinder snapping has become an issue within the areas we cover over the last couple of months when it never used to be a real issue locally so we have reviewed this blog for anyone that may be concerned.

Please be assured that we never seek to scaremonger for the sake of making sales, this blog is intended to just present the facts to enable you to make better informed decisions.

There has been lots of media attention about lock snapping over recent months, is it fact or mere hype?  I have decided to try and set out the facts and give some advice to those who may be vulnerable.

Typical euro profile cylinder
Typical euro profile cylinder


This in the main applies to euro profile cylinders as shown.  These are usually found on UPVC and composite doors although can be used in mortice locks on timber doors.



The original design of these cylinders means that most of them have an inherent weakness enabling the possibility of them being quickly snapped and pulled out of your door. This enables enables a burglar to open the door in very short time.  In my experience,  the vast majority of doors locally are fitted with the most basic types of cylinder which can be vulnerable.

In order to snap a cylinder, a potential burglar has to be able to grip the cylinder end with an implement or tool, so if your cylinder is protruding beyond a few millimeters,  it could be vulnerable,  the best fitted cylinder will always be flush (or within a couple of mm) with the external handle face plate.

If your cylinder is flush or as near as damn it to the face plate that is a good start and makes life a little more difficult for the potential burglar, however you are not out of the woods because many handle sets can be easily broken of the door, exposing your cylinder and making it easy to snap.


We stock, a range of  anti-snap cylinders.  If anyone attempts to snap these cylinders they will snap at a sacrificial  point making unauthorised entry extremely difficult for anyone other than a trained locksmith.

When you return to the property with a key however, you will be still be able to open the door easily with your key.


As I have highlighted there are two potential areas of weakness, the cylinder itself and the handle set.  I would always advise that to get the best advice you ought to consult your local locksmith as this is a developing area with many new products coming onto the market.

A good locksmith can also offer other services that you cannot achieve elsewhere for example if you are going to upgrade your lock cylinders anyway wouldn’t it be good to have just 1 key to fit all of your locks rather than a big bunch? If you are a landlord, bed and breakfast or other establishment that temporarily give out keys, you could have patented restricted profile cylinders and padlocks that prevent the person to whom you have issued a key from getting a copy cut meaning you have much better security control.

Fell free to visit our Safe and Secure 24/7 Website for more information and see what our customers say


It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since our last blog but we are back!  Blogging is one of those things that you are never sure if anyone actually reads it and finds it useful or whether it just attracts all the really annoying spam.

Anyway, our blog is back in business, if anyone does read it and has a locksmith or security related topic you’d like us to blog about, then please contact us and let us know.


Do You Leave Windows Open at Night in the Summer?

Do you leave your windows open at night in the summer?  

If the answer is yes, it might not have crossed your mind that many burglaries take place with burglars entering through open windows whilst the occupants sleep.  Even if they are first floor windows it may be surprisingly easy to climb using drainpipes or items in your or a neighbour’s garden.

Luckily it is an easy problem to resolve and at the same time will alleviate any concerns you might have about the hazard of open windows if you have small children.

Below are a couple of devices available to prevent your windows from being opened wide enough to climb in or fall out.

Child Safety Lock
Child Safety LockCable restrictor

 If you live in Mid Wales or Shropshire, we’ll be happy to advise on the best type of device that suits your window type and specific requirements otherwise your local reputable locksmith should be able to assist.

The problem with UPVC Doors

Reading this could save you lots of money – I have blogged about The problem with UPVC doors previously but it’s something I come across so often it’s worth repeating.

The locking mechanism of whatever type engages when you push up the handle; when you take the next step of turning the key it locks the mechanism in place.

The action of pushing the handle up usually turns a number of cogs which engage with he top and bottom sliders to slide the locking mechanism into place. This should be an easy smooth operation; if you are having to exert extra force something is not right (usually the door needs adjusting).

The teeth on these cogs are not strong and if you continue to use undue force on the handle the teeth will break off resulting in you being locked in or out and requiring the gearbox or in many cases whole locking mechanism replacing which can be expensive.

UPVC Door alignment problems can be heightened in extremes of cold and heat making the problem worse.

If you have to use extra force to push the handle up then having the door looked at ASAP cold save you lots of trouble and money later on.