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Today we installed a CCTV system for commercial customer who chose to add an extra layer of protection to their physical building security.   

All of our systems are bespoke and designed taking into account the design of the building and the customer’s specific wishes and budget.   The CCTV world is awash with choices and we help to simplify the choices for customers to get the best system they can that meets their needs and budget.

Our CCTV and Alarm systems are equally suited to domestic and commercial customers

There are a number of options to consider around, most suitable CCTV format, i.e., analogue, high definition analogue or IP.  There are different camera types to consider with various lens types and infra Red night vision intensity.

All of our systems enable live remote viewing on mobile devices and tablets from anywhere in the world (subject to internet access through 3G, 4G or wifi)

If you are considering enhancing your security by adding CCTV, an alarm system, or newer modern stronger locks or additional security give us a call or browse our websites for more information.

http://Www.safeandsecure247.co.uk   And http//:alarms.safeandsecure247.co.uk

What would an Alarm System do for You?

What Would and Alarm System do for You?

In addition to providing peace of mind, a good alarm system will add a valuable extra layer of security making you less likely to become a vicim of burglary.

It will provide immediate notification and on site noise deterrent if the worst were to happen.  Additionally it may help minimise damage from smoke, fire, gas, flood etc by providing early notification of such emergencies.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 08.52.25

We are not into scaremongering for the sake of making a sale but the following scenario does often happen.

Imagine you’ve just come home from a long day at work, or equally a quick trip to the shops.  Everything seems normal on the outside,  and then you open the front door.

Your stomach drops as you try to take in what you can see all around you: The patio door glass smashed, mess and the contents of drawers scattered all over the floor, cupboards all open, gaps where the TV and Hi Fi used to be.

Equally the same scene could confront you any day when you arrive to open your business.

This will be the event that spurs many people into getting an alarm system installed.

Alarm Systems

Choosing the alarm that is right for your home/business and your budget is no easy task – there are so many different systems and options within systems available and it is a world filled with jargon.

Our alarm systems are easy to operate and individually designed around your needs and budget and we recommend systems that we trust not to let you down they can be very simple with just an audible bell box right through to advanced commercial systems calling professional monitoring.

We have no doubt that an alarm system adds a layer of protection that makes it less likely you will be the victim of burglary.

With our alarms you can also add many other safety detectors for example smoke detectors.  If you were to suffer a fire in your absence, rather than rely on a neighbour or passer by to notice and call the fire service, the alarm will notify you or a professional monitoring service (your choice) as soon as it detects, smoke, water, gas etc

The alarm will provide peace of mind during your absence with a live feed to an app on your phone or tablet device.  The two pictures below show an app that you can have on your phone and from anywhere in the world, you can check that your alarm is set, you can unset and re-set it should you need to and check that each of your detectors is working properly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 16.38.04  Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.09.28

We have installed many alarms systems including wireless alarms in Shrewsbury and locally in Welshpool and Newtown and other towns and villages throughout Mid Wales and Shropshire.

We have installed many domestic systems and also commercial alarms, including a Jewellers shop in Shrewsbury Town Centre and a Computer Shop in Newtown, Powys.  Here is what a few of our customers say:



We consider that we are different to many other companies read here to see why:  http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk/blog/what-makes-us-different/

NEW WEBSITE please contact us or visit our new alarms website at alarms.safeandsecure247.co.uk for more information

Lock Snapping Fact or Hype?

LOCK SNAPPING, is it Fact or Hype?

We are aware that lock cylinder snapping has become an issue within the areas we cover over the last couple of months when it never used to be a real issue locally so we have reviewed this blog for anyone that may be concerned.

Please be assured that we never seek to scaremonger for the sake of making sales, this blog is intended to just present the facts to enable you to make better informed decisions.

There has been lots of media attention about lock snapping over recent months, is it fact or mere hype?  I have decided to try and set out the facts and give some advice to those who may be vulnerable.

Typical euro profile cylinder
Typical euro profile cylinder


This in the main applies to euro profile cylinders as shown.  These are usually found on UPVC and composite doors although can be used in mortice locks on timber doors.



The original design of these cylinders means that most of them have an inherent weakness enabling the possibility of them being quickly snapped and pulled out of your door. This enables enables a burglar to open the door in very short time.  In my experience,  the vast majority of doors locally are fitted with the most basic types of cylinder which can be vulnerable.

In order to snap a cylinder, a potential burglar has to be able to grip the cylinder end with an implement or tool, so if your cylinder is protruding beyond a few millimeters,  it could be vulnerable,  the best fitted cylinder will always be flush (or within a couple of mm) with the external handle face plate.

If your cylinder is flush or as near as damn it to the face plate that is a good start and makes life a little more difficult for the potential burglar, however you are not out of the woods because many handle sets can be easily broken of the door, exposing your cylinder and making it easy to snap.


We stock, a range of  anti-snap cylinders.  If anyone attempts to snap these cylinders they will snap at a sacrificial  point making unauthorised entry extremely difficult for anyone other than a trained locksmith.

When you return to the property with a key however, you will be still be able to open the door easily with your key.


As I have highlighted there are two potential areas of weakness, the cylinder itself and the handle set.  I would always advise that to get the best advice you ought to consult your local locksmith as this is a developing area with many new products coming onto the market.

A good locksmith can also offer other services that you cannot achieve elsewhere for example if you are going to upgrade your lock cylinders anyway wouldn’t it be good to have just 1 key to fit all of your locks rather than a big bunch? If you are a landlord, bed and breakfast or other establishment that temporarily give out keys, you could have patented restricted profile cylinders and padlocks that prevent the person to whom you have issued a key from getting a copy cut meaning you have much better security control.

Fell free to visit our Safe and Secure 24/7 Website for more information and see what our customers say


Ten Simple Tips To Make your Shed or Outbuilding More Secure

Shed and Outbuilding burglary is a continuing to be a problem in the areas we cover on the whole, they tend to make easy targets and it needn’t cost the earth to make them more secure.

Below are ten simple tips to make your shed or outbuilding more secure. There are a couple of issues with sheds and outdoor buildings that many people may not realise; the total value of everything they contain is likely to be far higher than you might at first think and secondly, it is likely to contain many tools and implements that an opportunist burglar could use to enter your home.

1. Consider the approach to your shed or outbuilding, do you shut/lock access gates?

2. Preventing unwanted visitors entering your property is what you need to achieve, but nobody wants their home looking like a prison surrounded by high walls and barbed wire, and that is not necessary. Mother nature provides an environmentally friendly, attractive and particularly effective alternative – the prickly bush, these can be extremely effective when planted around perimeter areas. Don’t go for height particularly at the front as this could hide unwanted visitors on your property from sight. A high hedge can be great for an opportunist theft as they are confident of not being seen while they are up to no good.

3. There are many forms of driveway alert that sound in the house when someone enters your drive these start from as little as £30.

4. Consider motion sensitive outdoor lighting. During the hours of darkness lighting can not only be a comfort factor for the occupant, it is an excellent deterrent for would be opportunist burglars who clearly do not want to be seen. Be sure to fit them out of reach so they cannot be tampered with and if they are bright halogen lights, not pointing directly at neighbours houses so as to cause a nuisance.

5. Starting with the outside of each shed or building, ensure the walls are as secure as they can be, mend any holes that someone could crawl through or make bigger etc.

6. Install the best security locking devices possible, ensure that padlocks and fittings are sturdy and function properly, and if an outbuilding leads directly into your home make sure that the connecting door is especially secure. Replace and properly secure any cracked windows, and consider adding wire mesh or grilles.

7. Secure any particularly valuable items with padlocks and chains to ground or wall anchors. If you use high quality security it would necessitate a thief having to use a noisy angle grinder rather than relatively silent bolt croppers.

8. Consider locking other smaller valuable tools items such as chainsaws etc to the same ground or wall anchors at least locking lots of items together to make them very difficult to move.

9. Consider CCTV or if that is beyond your budget, you could consider a high quality dummy CCTV camera.

10. Consider an alarm, these can range from a simple shed alarm which sell for less than £10 through to a properly installed alarm system either as part of or separate to the house alarm.


Just in case the worst does happen despite your best efforts, check that you have sufficient insurance cover for your sheds and outbuildings and that tools and equipment of significant value is covered. Ensure you comply with your insurers minimum requirements, such as locking ATVs to ground anchors as otherwise your insurance may not pay out. Make a note of the serial numbers of valuable tools and equipment, Mark them in some way either with a property marketing solution or by putting your postcode in a way that cannot be easily removed. Always consider asking the advice of your local reputable locksmith who should be able to assist with general security advice as well as product specific advice and will offer an installation service should you require it.

Letterbox Burglary



Letterbox burglary continues to be a problem in many parts of the UK.

If like most people you have a letterbox,  it could make you more vulnerable to burglary.  My advice would be if you can afford it, or when you replace the door,  loose the letterbox altogether and put an external mailbox on the wall outside.

Letterboxes firstly enable a potential burglar to look into your house and also listen to see if you are at home.  If you keep house or car keys anywhere near the door some burglars will use a rod to steal the keys to either gain entry to your house without damage or more likely just steal your car.

If you have a UPVC  door or other type with multipoint locking, some  might allow a burglar to open the door simply by using an implement to pull the internal handle down or turn your thumb-turn cylinder.


You can prevent the handle being pulled down simply by pushing it up and locking with the key. It has been known for insurance companies to question whether a premises was properly secured when doors have been opened through the letterbox.








So what can you do to make your letterbox more secure?

Luckily there are a few simple steps you can take, you could fit a security cowl to make it harder for a burglar to reach your lock, you can also fit a letter cage or fireproof security letterbox. There are many different types to chose from, your local reputable locksmith will happily advise as to what would work best for your type of door and situation.






What makes us different?

What makes us Different from many other Locksmith and Security Companies 

Safe & Secure Imprint Logo

1. Darrell the owner is a retired police officer with over 30 years experience in preventing and reducing crime.

What makes us different from many other locksmith and security companies?   Many companies offer security advice and surveys but what qualifications has the person undertaking the survey?  Darrell from Safe and Secure 24/7 Locksmiths & Security has overseen literally tens of thousands of crime investigations from shoplifting through to homicide and has vast experience in crime and harm reduction. Darrell knows how criminals think and what might make your commercial or domestic property vulnerable. You also know you can have total trust in us knowing that your confidentiality will remain as such.

2. We are a truly local business 

We are passionate about providing a service that you will be totally happy with and recommend us to your friends and colleagues alike; if you are not entirely happy then neither are we.

There are many companies that appear to be local they may even have local phone numbers but BEWARE THEY MAY NOT BE and some of their prices can be considerably more than double that of a local company.  Just last week one of our customers was locked out just before midnight, they were quoted £450 plus VAT.  Our charge on this occasion was £95  and NO VAT PAYABLE

Always ask as many questions as you need to, to establish whether a company is local and don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about cost.

3.  No VAT Payable

We are a genuine small family run local company, we do not charge VAT

4. We are not tied to any supplier 

Our advice is totally unbiased and we are able to supply any type of lock, CCTV, alarm or other security device. There may be good reason for preferring a particular product but we will always happily explain fully why this is so.

5. We will always explain what we are doing and why

We won’t just turn up and drill your lock with no explanation.  If you are locked out, we will always try a range of non-destructive techniques.

We will always provide you a range of choices, and we will fully explain each step together with any advantages disadvantages including costs.


We will work with you to resolve those problems or give you confidence in your domestic or commercial security and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.


We will attend 24/7, get you in if necessary and resolve the problem.


We will undertake a survey discuss your needs and design a system that you can have confidence in, our systems span all price ranges from self-install through to complete installation or something in between.

For a fast friendly and reliable service give us a call on 01686 640 869,  email via the contact form at: – http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk/contacts

Or Visit the website at http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk