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Today’s Jobs

Today we have a lock to repair or replace in churchstoke, a UPVC door that cant be unlocked in Forden.

We also have security free security reviews in Newtown.

On Thursday last week we changed and upgraded some locks in Shrewsbury.

On Friday we installed a new Domestic CCTV system in Llanfechain to help the householder feel more safe and secure following problems.

Later this week we have alarm maintenance in Clun to undertake and more work in Newtown and Welshpool.

A fairly busy week planned but still some free appointments for emergencies that may crop up along the way.

What have we been doing in the last week

New Alarm System – Much Wenlock

In the last week we have installed a new alarm system in Much Wenlock. This system communicates in a number of ways one of which is by app to any tablet or phone, where for added reassurance the system can be checked at anytime from anywhere in the world.

New CCTV System – Newtown

We installed a new commercial CCTV system in a shop in Newtown providing 24 hour reassurance and offsite facilities too.

CCTV Repair – Llandinam

We repaired a CCTV system near Llandinam where a branch from a tree had broken some cables.

Lock Repairs and Replacements – Welshpool and Newtown and Shrewsbury

We have repaired, replaced and upgraded a number of locks around Welshpool, Newtown and Shrewsbury. Upgrades are usually to meet an insurer’s minimum security requirements as otherwise they may refuse to pay out in the event of burglary.

Window Keys – Adfa

We have a house to visit in Adfa that don’t have any window keys to unlock their windows. We carry the most popular 100 or so window keys with us.

Areas we Cover

In the last couple of weeks, we have travelled widely throughout the areas we cover.  Here are a few examples of where we have been and what we have been doing.

We had a customer with a broken key in Guilsfield, Powys.  It is worth noting that if you snap a key in a lock, providing it was the correct key and you don’t damage the key or lock trying to remove it yourself, we can usually remove it without damaging the lock to save the cost of having to buy a new lock and we can even cut extra keys on site if you don’t have enough spares for that lock.

In Fordham, Powys we assisted a customer with a new set of handles to replace the broken ones on their UPVC Door.

We had a customer who was unable to shut and lock their UPVC door in Trefeglwys.

In Carno, we had a customer who snapped the only key they had in their UPVC door cylinder and were unable to lock it, we were able to change it for a new one with three keys.

We had a person locked out in the cold in Llanidloes.  It is worth saying that we always try to gain entry without damaging the locks wherever possible in order to keep your costs to a minimum.  If this is not possible, we will always talk you through the options, explain them fully including costs etc.

We have undertaken numerous jobs in Newtown and Welshpool, including Lock changes, persons locked out, security upgrades, CCTV and Alarm quotes.

We upgraded some old locks in Kerry,  to new more secure locks.

In Montgomery we had a customer with a snapped key.

In Shrewsbury, we did a security survey and quote for a wireless intruder alarm system.

In Llanfair Caerinion we had a person locked out, for whom we gained entry.

Next week we already have work booked in Newtown, Welshpool, Clun, Bishops Castle and Church Stretton.

These are a few examples of where we have been and what we have been doing, Have a look at the website for our full range of services Safe and Secure/247 Website

For alarms there are pages on the website above and we are we are developing a new website  Safe and Secure 24/7 Alarms 

Feel free to call any time on 01686 640869

This Week

No matter how remote you are when you need our help, we will always try our best to get to you. This week our locksmith services were needed in the mountains above Llanidloes, Powys.

Places we cover

We regularly undertake work in Newtown, Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Oswestry. We also work throughout Mid Wales and Shropshire in and around many smaller towns and villages such as Guilsfield, Abermule, Caersws, Middletown, Halfway House, Bishops Castle, Llanfair Caereinion, and all places in between.

If you need a locksmith, have any security or lock related issue or are considering installing an alarm system or CCTV, give us a call.

Feel free to browse our websites for more information and customer testimonials.

Our main website

Our new Alarms website

A Couple of Hot Weather Tips

UPVC doors move a lot in heat extremes and you may experience difficulty locking the door. DO NOT FORCE THE HANDLE UP!! The locking mechanism is fragile and may well break.
If you intend to leave windows open at night (or even in the day) consider fitting window restraints to prevent any unwanted intruders climbing in! For upper floor windows it will also help keep youngsters safe.

When out in the garden make sure any exterior doors you can’t see are locked – opportunists just love summer!
Oh yes and drink lots 😄🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

For more advice visit us at 


MLA Expo 2015

We have just spent a really interesting weekend at the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) Expo 2015.

We undertook a number of training sessions in order to hone our skills to be able to provide our customers an even better service.

The Expo itself has the very latest in security with over 95 exhibitors from all around the world, so we can be assured that the products we offer are the very best they can be.

Networking with other small independent Locksmiths and Security businesses from around the UK is also great, it enables us to ensure that our prices are keen and competitive and also gives a fascinating insight as to how other locksmiths tackle the common and not so common problems.

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Don’t forget we provide domestic and commercial locksmith services 24/7 365 days a year for towns such as Newtown, Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Telford and all villages and towns in between in the Counties of Powys, Shropshire and South Gwynedd.

For a complete overview of or range of locksmith services have a look at our web page at

Our New Boxer Dog

As it’s Christmas I thought I’d blog about something other than security for a change – our new boxer dog.

About 2 years ago, our son now aged 7 asked if he could have a dog. Thinking of all the negatives we said no, however over the past two years he has continued to ask. To be honest the negatives always outweighed the positives in my mind and I usually just put any decision off however it was clear that our son really wanted a dog.

When our son did his list for Father Christmas around October this year noticing he had not included “dog” I foolishly asked him why it was missing to which he replied “because you won’t let me have one” that really tugged at my heart strings.

My wife and I have spent considerably more time deciding whether to get a dog than we ever did about having kids. I have always loved the playful mischievous nature of Boxers. I remembered one of our old friend breeds them and had a few chats together with research and we decided to go ahead with a male puppy but for him not to be a Christmas present.

On 17th December we met “Scooby” as named by the kids for the first time he was as gorgeous as his pictures sent by the breeder had suggested.

We decided to crate train him as he won’t ever be left for long periods but we don’t want to endure his chewing stage. The first two nights he spent in a small box next to our bed and every time I took my hand away he cried. We spent lots of time introducing him to his crate and on night 3 he went in. We had been advised to ignore his crying and eventually he did stop.

Despite getting up and letting him out in the night his crate was a real mess in the morning. We had a huge one with bed one end and paper the other and although he head gone to toilet in right place he had trodden it everywhere. After 2 nights of mess and the fact that nights 1 and 2 were no problem in his small box, we invested in a much smaller crate with room for bed only and have had no problem since.

Two weeks on he loves his crate often goes in during day to escape the children and have a sleep.

Scooby is definitely full of character, extremely playful and already mischievous. He has fitted in really well with us all. House training over the wettest Christmas ever has not been easy as he doesn’t like the rain but I think we are making progress.

Having read up well we have been so careful with the kids and chocolate over Christmas but despite all the care somehow he got into our utility room on Boxing Night and in the minute he was there he managed to eat a piece of chocolate cake. Thankfully our new vet was wonderful, we were there within 30 minutes and poor Scooby was vomiting the contents of his stomach like someone at the end of a bad night out. He recovered really well and by next morning was back to his mischievous self.

We all have so much still to learn but despite the hard work house training in the winter etc, he is a gorgeous new addition to the family.

The problem with UPVC Doors

Reading this could save you lots of money – I have blogged about The problem with UPVC doors previously but it’s something I come across so often it’s worth repeating.

The locking mechanism of whatever type engages when you push up the handle; when you take the next step of turning the key it locks the mechanism in place.

The action of pushing the handle up usually turns a number of cogs which engage with he top and bottom sliders to slide the locking mechanism into place. This should be an easy smooth operation; if you are having to exert extra force something is not right (usually the door needs adjusting).

The teeth on these cogs are not strong and if you continue to use undue force on the handle the teeth will break off resulting in you being locked in or out and requiring the gearbox or in many cases whole locking mechanism replacing which can be expensive.

UPVC Door alignment problems can be heightened in extremes of cold and heat making the problem worse.

If you have to use extra force to push the handle up then having the door looked at ASAP cold save you lots of trouble and money later on.