Wireless Alarm Systems


Safe and Secure 247 wireless alarm logo
Safe and Secure 247 wireless alarm logo
  • Our Wireless Alarm systems have no unsightly wires.
  • Wide variety of wireless alarm solutions for range of budgets.
  • Suitable for all premises from small domestic to large commercial.
  • Modular systems that can be expanded with your needs.
  • Portable so can move with your home or premises.
  • Alarm systems that can protect you against burglary but also fire, smoke, gas, flood, temperature rise or fall


Safe and Secure 247 Visonic wireless alarm logo
Safe and Secure 247 Visonic wireless alarm logo

Safe and Secure 247 are experienced in all aspects of security for home and commercial premises. Founded by an experienced retired police officer, our focus is 100% on alarm and other solutions that fully meet the unique and specific requirements of your lifestyle circumstances and the use of the building being protected.

Options for wireless alarm systems systems have exploded in recent times and we are able to offer products and services that are best of breed but also to suit modest budgets.

Experience has taught us that one must understand in reasonable detail the basis of wireless alarm technology, therefore to help we offer a free report entitled “Things to consider before purchasing an alarm system” plus a consultation with Darrell our expert.

Simply fill in the form on this page and we will send the report and be in touch.

Safe and Secure 247 is a local business based in between Newtown & Welshpool, we are ideally located to serve Mid-Wales, Shrewsbury and other parts of Shropshire.

Further details can also be found on our main alarm web page by clicking the link: http://www.safeandsecure247.co.uk/wireless-alarms-cctv/wireless-intruder-alarms.html

You can find out about CCTV on our site as well.

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