Insurer’s Minimum Security Requirements

I reckon that 60% – 7o-% of the properties I attend that do not meet their insurers minimum security requirements, both domestic and commercial premises. Most people don’t even know that insurers have minimum security requirements as part of the policy.

If you fail to meet the minimum requirements they may refuse to pay out if you are burgled even if entry was through a point of entry that itself does comply.

Usual requirements read something like this (But you need to check what your own insurer says)

  • A 5 Lever British Standard (BS3621) mortice lock (or approved equivalent) fitted to the final point of exit. (ie the last door you leave when you leave the premises).
  • All other external door to be fitted with a lock as at 1. above or to have locking bolts fitted internally to the top and bottom.
  • All windows that can be accessed from the ground to be fitted with key operated locks.

We will gladly assist you to meet the standards.