No Two Alarm Systems Are the Same

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No Two Alarm Systems are the Same

All of our alarm systems are bespoke and no two alarm systems are the same.  Why is that we hear you asking?

There are a number of reasons for this, we design each alarm system in such a way that it is best able to protect your home or commercial premises.  There are a wide range of detectors to choose from depending on the building architecture and user requirements.

A good example of user requirements within a home was a system we designed for a person who suffers insomnia, often gets up in the night to make a cup of tea and watch some TV but they wanted to be able to do this within a fully alarmed home without having to unset the alarm system.

One type of detector we used to achieve this was a  curtain motion detectordeployed to protect the external perimeter of the relevant rooms with what are known as curtain motion detectors.  This has the effect that the external doors and windows are protected whilst the room can still be used.

A curtain motion detector is a detector whose detection pattern differs from traditional motions in that it is thin and not expansive. … Like a curtain hangs down as a thin veil on a window, the curtain motion detector only detects movement that is directly in its thin line of site.

The changes in types of system based on customer lifestyle or use of the building add many variants. it is possible for example to protect external areas in addition to internal rooms.

Each alarm also differs due to customer choices for example currently we are able to offer free professional monitoring for 12 months which means upon activation the alarm is handled 24/7 by a professional monitoring service who takes all necessary action on behalf of the alarm owner.

This means if you or the other 3 people the alarm would ordinarily contact are not available, ell necessary actions are taken on your behalf by the monitoring centre.

Whilst we are talking about professional monitoring, if a customer has a system that includes smoke detectors, this means in the event of a fire at that building, in your absence, rather than having to rely on a passer by or neighbour hearing your current smoke detectors or noticing the problem and then calling emergency services.  with professional monitoring, as soon as the smoke detector activates, it notifies the monitoring station who can take early action to call emergency services on your behalf.

Other variations are through customer choice around the addition or not of safety detectors such as smoke, smoke and heat, temperature, flood, etc

There are also several choices to be made about how you arm and disarm the system with a choice of a simple key fob, or pushbutton or LCD keypads some of which can be armed and disarmed simply by presenting your small pox card to the keypad, without need to remember numbers.

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