Coronavirus Review - January 2021


We have again reviewed our Coronavirus operating procedures in accordance with current guidelines.

We remain open for business but are carefully risk assessing each job.

With the news of the new mutant strain of the virus and the news that the vaccine is on the horizon, if the work you have in mind is inside your home and is non-urgent and can be deferred until after the current peak we are experiencing, it may be a good idea to consider deferring it for now.

If your job is urgent and cannot wait, we have put in place a number of safeguards for our customers and our safety.

If the job is in domestic residential premises, we will ask to ensure that nobody in the house has COVID-19 symptoms or is self-isolating. If someone is self-isolating but your job is nevertheless urgent and cannot wait, we will discuss additional measures necessary for us to carry out work safely.  

In commercial premises we will discuss requirements fully to ensure the job can be completed safely whilst maintaining social distancing or we can complete work out of normal hours if need be.

We carry a full supply of hand washing and sanitising equipment and face masks, we regularly wash our hands and as necessary change clothing in between jobs.

We will fully discuss the measure we will take and If there are any other steps you wish us to consider, we are happy to discuss matters further.