Coronavirus (Updated 26th April 2020)

We have kept a close look at Government Guidelines since the Lockdown on 23rd March.

We are in a category that are able to work but are doing our bit to stay at home to help the NHS and save lives wherever possible.

If your issue is non-urgent and can wait until things resume to the new near normal, we can quote or estimate and add you to a list of non-urgent work.

If your job can be undertaken outside or is in vacant or commercial premises or is otherwise urgent, we will consider each potential job which we will risk assess based upon its urgency and sensible measures we can use to protect ourselves and of course our customers.

If in any doubt please always call 01686 640869 and we will happily chat it through with you.

Thank you for your understanding at these difficult and unprecedented times when we should all stay home to save lives.

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