Agricultural Security


We understand the vulnerabilities of farms and other businesses based in rural locations whilst crime in these locations overall is lower than average, when it does occur it can often have devastating consequences to the farm or other business.

Usually, criminals will weigh the risk of being caught at the time or later against the potential reward when deciding where or when to commit a burglary, so by adding a few basic security measures you are reducing the risk of you becoming a victim as criminals will usually look at a softer target; there are a vast number of security solutions suitable for rural locations a few of which we have highlighted below.

If you have any security issue or vulnerability, please e-mail or call us, we can discuss a range of options with you; most of our equipment is suitable for self-installation should you wish to undertake it yourself otherwise we do offer a complete installation service for all products and equipment.

Driveway Alarms

Driveway Alarms offer simple, affordable perimeter security and comfort; they are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. By installing effective perimeter alarm systems to your property you are reducing the risks of becoming a victim of crime and have the added benefit of no surprise visitors.

Driveway alarms can range from 80 to potentially 900 metres transmission range; detectors can range from standard PIR’s, Vehicle Only, Pet Friendly, Door & Gate Contacts, Rubber Floor Hoses, Security Floor Mats and more.

ATV Security

Many insurers now insist that ATVs be secured to a permanent fixing point or ground anchor; there are a range of cost effective ground anchors and chains that we can supply ranging in price and level of security they offer, these are not as expensive as might be imagined and many are “Sold Secure Gold” approved products. We can recommend and supply a wide range of products and offer a full installation service where required.

Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarm Systems can be installed much quicker than conventional wired alarms making them cheaper but equally reliable they are an ideal cost effective way to help protect your home & business. We offer a number of systems based upon site survey and/or your requirements.


There are numerous options when it comes to CCTV and it is easy to become confused and spend far more than you need to with all of the different options

 Our best seller is a simple but sophisticated plug and play 4 camera (internal/external day & night vision) system that records to a DVR but can also be viewed live via the internet on any PC and most smart phones. This system is relatively straightforward for self-installation but as with all products we recommend, we are able to offer a full installation service.

The simple kit can easily be upgraded with more sophisticated cameras and longer recording DVRs etc.

Depending upon your particular security issue it may be that a covert system or battery operated remote system is more applicable we are able to advise according to your circumstances and security vulnerabilities.

Oil Tanks

Increasingly the target of thieves – there are two main options specific to the tank itself, either an oil tank locking device or an oil tank alarm system which activates when usage appears much faster than would be expected.

These are of course in addition to the other security considerations in general that can be taken to improve general security and reduce the likelihood of being a target of thieves. We are able to supply both oil tank locks and alarm systems.

Physical Security

We supply and install most makes of safe, gun cabinet, window locks, physical security posts and barriers, window and door locks, barn and shed locks.


Please call us to discuss your rural security issues