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Victory Series CCTV 

One of the first hurdles when considering installing or upgrading a Closed Circuit Television  (CCTV) system is that the there is so many different types of system available, at a huge range of prices from a couple of hundred pounds, up to thousands of pounds. For those with little or no technical knowledge in this area it can be extreemly confusing,

Until fairly recently we were installing analogue systems with analoge quality recordings.  The new HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) CCTV can be installed from new offering Full 1080 High Definition CCTV.  

One other massive advantage of this type of CCTV is that it operates perfectly well over standard coaxial CCTV cabling, which means it is also an ideal solution for ugrading existing CCTV as the cables do not need to be replced, just the cameras and recording equiptment.

This type of CCTV can also operate over longer distances than standard analogue CCTV



Because this type of CCTV works using standard coaxial cabling, it is ideal to upgrade old analogue systems at reasonble cost as in most instances, the cabling already in place will not need to be replaced. 

The picture below demonstrates the difference between analogue and high definition systems.

CCTV Differences

CCTV Index Number Comparrison




CCTV Phone App

The CCTV we recommend has remote view capabilities and is compatable with the vast majority of modern mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computors.

You can live view your surveillance system live, play back recorded footage, save image snapshots to your device and more. 

We offer a complete 12 month peace of mind guarantee on all of our installations, after this we will happily service it annually should you wish us to, to ensure it continues to perform as it should.  

The equiptment featured above is the the Secureview Victory HDCVI series.  Although we have listed a few products from the range on our site, you can view the full range and options by clicking here: 


We are also happy to install any CCTV system that you might wish to purchase yourself but the guarantee would be limited to the installation only.







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