During the most recent lockdown, we have spent time getting to know and test out QOLSY.

QOLSYS stands for Quality of Life Systems.  What is it?  Put most simply its a whole new way of incorporating or tried and trusted alarm systems into a a whole new state of the art and user friendly touch and swipe control panel that enables your security system to sit and work in tandem with many video and home automation functions, all controlled from one panel and one phone/tablet app.

So Qolsys incorporates:-

  • Our tried and trusted domestic and commercial alarm systems;
  • Safety detectors such as smoke, heat, flood, gas;
  • Smart internal and external cameras;
  • Video Doorbell;
  • Smart lighting;
  • Smart sockets;
  • Heating controls;
  • Wellbeing monitor of elderly or infirm;

All of these incorporated and working smartly together in one state of the art and easy to use touch and swipe panel and phone/tablet app.

Have a look at the video below and feel free to call us for a chat.