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Alarm Systems

Outdoor Alarm Siren

Wireless alarm systems are continually developing often faster than we can develop our pages so this page is currently under review.

If you have visited this page that means you are already thinking about alarm systems so we would really encourage you to read on or call us for a chat.

Once you have all of your basic security in place with decent locks etc, it is our professional opinion that an alarm offers an excellent next level of security that in our opinion is both an excellent deterrant to potential intruders and offers a really good level of reassarence that your property is safe and secure in your absence or whilst you sleep upstairs.

We have a large number of wireless alarm systems in operation across Mid-Wales and Shropshire both in domestic and Commercial premises.

The systems we install are cost-effective, a system that you will own outright from day1, we don't believe in tiying our customers into complex installation and service contracts, we offer a very straightforward and transparent process with no hidden extras.  

The systems we install have proved over time to be very simple to operate but are packed with research and technology to ensure they are at the cutting edge of the alarm technology in terms of security and reliability and designed to ensure absolute minimal false alarms.

All of our alarm systems are bespoke systems designed to maximise your security whilst at the same time not being overly intrusive to your lifestyle or business.  So we look at the security strengths and weaknesses of the premises formost but we also consider how the system will work best to suit your lifestyle or business.

Our systems can be connected to the internet which enables you to have full oversight and control via a convieneint app 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  This also enables us on your behalf to undertake some maintenance remotely without the inconveinence of having to wait in for us to come ot to you.

In addition to notifications via the app, the system can notify via standard telephone lines, GSM mobile network too.

A Couple of Examples that Highlight Flexible Design

A domestic customer that lives alone and suffers insomnia wanted the house fully alarmed at night time but also wanted to be able to come downstairs and move about freely in the hall, lounge and kitchen without having to unset the alarm.

A few customers that wish to be able to keep outbuildings or sheds alarmed whilst they are in the house.

A separate outdoor system covering parking areas and a gate to provide the occupant early warning of trespassers on the premises.

A safe that is alarmed 24/7 even when the premises are open.

24/7 panic alarm system for a customer that could be the subject of threats of harm


There are a wide range of different types detectors for us to choose in consultation with you that help to ensure the very best security whilst impacting minimally with your lifestyle or the running of your business etc.  

There are different types of PIR (Passive Infra Red Detector) etc some of which work over greater distance or outdoors or in harse environments, some of which incorporate additional detection tech such as microwave to reduce the risk of false alarm even more than with a straightforward PIR.  There are alaso internal and externla camera PIRs that send a video busrt of whatever cause them to activate, helping to assess whether there may or may not be persons illigally within that zone etc.

Outdoor Areas

It is now possible to alarm outdoor areas with PIR and magnetic gate/door detectors, we have tested these over an extended period time and they have proved to be extreemly dependable and reliable, they can either trigger a full alarm or a number of choices of direct notification that you may have tresspassers and/or potential intruders in any given area outside your premises.

Such detectors are also excellent for areas such as parking areas where you may have vehicles of opther high value equiptment and would want early notification of possible intruders in that area or just walking around your building out of hours.

Professional Monitoring - CURRENTLY A FREE OPTION FOR 12 MONTHS

You might feel perfectly happy to monitor your own system which is easy enough to do using the app notifications but we are able to offer 24/7 professional monitoring (Currently offered free for 12 months with no obligation to continue beyond 12 months with all new suitably connected installations).  HOWEVER, what happens if you are in an important meeting or on holiday or in an area with no signal?  What happens if you set off the panic alarm and its only notifying you?  This is where monitoring comes into it's own, you will still receive notification subject to you having 4g/wifi etc, however the monitoring people will also receive and handle the activation on your behalf, checking that all is well at the premises and calling emergency services as necessary etc. 

Not Just Intruder Alarms

There are a number of safety type detectors that can be incorporated too.

Smoke Detectectors or Smoke/Heat Detectors - The clear advantage in having these monitored by your alarm system is the minute they activate a detection, the system is notifying whoever it is set up to notify in order that emergency services can be notified at the first opportunity instead of having to wait for a neighbour or passer by to notice a problem if you are not at your premises.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors - As above rather than just sound an audible alarm at the premises if these are activated, the system would be notifying whoever it is set up to notify as soon as they activate.

Tempearture - The latest PIR detectors have temperature and ambient light sensors in them. The system can be enabled to provide notification of an excessively high or low temperature.  A couple of uses for this are to monitor elderly or infirm friends or relatives who may not always have the heating as their firt thought so that from any remote location you will have reassurance their house (room by room) is warm and comfotable and whether lights are on or off.  Also should you be lucky enough to leave our shores in winter or your commercial building is closed during holidays you will have total reasurance of receiveing timely notification if something isnt right with the heating to preven freeze ups or wasted fuel bills.

Flood - Self explanatory, early notification of water where it shouldnt be. 

Movement - as well as acting as an intruder sytem when PIR detectors detect movement, it can work the opposite way when monitoring an elderly infirm person who doesnt move though an area or room in a set time



  • We are a local family company who care passionately about providing an unrivalled level of service to our customers, if you are not 100% happy and comfotable with your system, you will stop using it and will have wasted your money.  
  • Darrell, the owner is a retired police officer, who has overseen thousands of burglary investigations, when designing our  systems we are able to think like a burglar which not many securiy companies can honestly offer,
  • Once installed you will own the system outright, there are no ongoing monthly fees,
  • You can easily expand or build upon the system and add detctors or accesories
  • The system is portable and can be taken with you when you move house;  
  • We do offer optional yearly maintenance services but dont tie you into any form of contract,
  • Systems can be monitored by 24/7 professional monitoring services (at additional cost) or will dial a number of telephones, some send text messages or even still picture of who or what activated the sensor.
  • There are no unsightly wires or major building works to install the system (Most installed within a day)
  • Different levels of system to suit budget and circumstances
  • Completely Tamper Proof
  • Can use internet, standard telephone network or mobile network (additional costs) for added security
  • Garages, outbuildings and outdoor areas can be incorporated within the system
  • Recommended systems are Grade 2 insurance approved


We install bespoke systems to suit you needs, these can include driveway alerts/alarms, perimeter beams, remote alarms.  If you feel vulnerable, we will have a cost effective security solution to reduce the risk and help you to feel safe.


Contact us today to discuss the options available.

We are based in between Welshpool and Newtown in Powys, an ideal base from which we cover Mid-Wales and Shropsire 



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